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by Regina McCormick

$79.99 / On Sale

You can not go wrong with this Tooled or Italian soft bound, 6"x9"x2", Leather Writer's Journal. This Journal features a unique button, wrap and tie closure, adorned with beading or metal charms. It has 300 pages of hand treated, dyed or stained, cooked papers. Never knowing when you will be enumerated with the slightest aroma of blended coffee, tea, wine or many other fruit blends, opening this Journal each day will bring the inspiration to write of one's adventures. To keep an element of surprise this Journal is personally selected by our Artist, Regina McCormick. Never fret, for you are guaranteed to fall in love with this most treasured Journal.
* Suitable for dry Mediums.
Each Journal is unique to preserve the character, therefore this is a sample of the actual product.