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1 1/2" Splits Arm candy


These Handmade 1 1/2" wide x 8 1/2" Leather Split Cuff Bracelets with snap closure are all the rave in arm candy. Each cuff is unique and will have some element of variance in color creating it's own personality. This will be predominate in the distressed pieces.
Black is a solid color.
Chocolate is a solid color.
Tempting Turquoise is an opaque color with a washed look.
Indigo is a Blue and Black Distressed finish and varies.
Gold Shimmer is a solid and will wear and/or crackle with time.
Radical Red is an opaque washed color.
Bungalow Brown is a Distressed Brown and varies .
Worn Out is a Black Heavily Distressed Finish with a lot of variance.
Burnished is Bungalow Brown with slight shimmers of Gold.