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How the story Begins "Written Treasures"

After enjoying a beautiful handmade journal that I picked up on a trip to Homer, Alaska, a few years back, I thought I would never find another one. But then sitting on the beach in the summer of 2009, pen and worn journal in hand, I thought who made the first book, who discovered the types of stitches that would bind the pages to the cover? Then I wondered would anyone ever read the pages so personal to me? I was on the beach one summer day and I thought of you, what you might say. Thus the beginning of, "Written Treasures" Journals.

"Written Treasures"

Keep a pen and paper with you at all times. They
will prove to be your dearest friends. They will
always listen and continue, as time passes, to give
you a reflection of things both big and small.
They can truly understand the heart when it’s
most misunderstood. They hold the words of your
deepest hidden treasures, as well as, your faith
and secret fears. They will be there when your
memory fails to remind you. And they will keep
you forever alive in the hearts & minds of those
who follow you. It is rare to find such a faithful
friend as these. The word “Journal” means; to
keep a record or an account of ones………”.
Keep a record of your journey. It may hold
treasures unknown.
“Just a Thought”

My prayer is that you may be filled with life’s
greatest blessings. Just as I have been while
creating this journal with you in mind.
Regina McCormick

You will find I am just an ordinary gal with a bit of unusual creativity. Each journal includes the above inscription and is signed and dated. I sincerely hope you enjoy this website and are inspired to embark upon a new journey to leave a legacy for those who follow.

All designs and comprised writings are the property of Regina McCormick/Written Treasures and should not be copied or duplicated. Copy write applied.